Websites Respecting Copyright

Built for Website Owners AND Copyright Holders.
To help everyone work together. This service is 100% free for everyone, for forever.

Our goal is simple. To provide a resource for these two groups to work together.
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For Website Owners

  • Find content you can on your website, and what's required to use the content.
  • Use our 100% free API to check for copyrighted materials, and remove them.

For Copyright Holders

  • Let websites know whether they can or can not use your work
  • Our system lets you specify conditions, making sure your content shows how you want it to.
  • Learn about websites where you have an oportunity to earn income from distribution/sales
  • A great way for new/small artists to spread their work, and get it known

How It Works:

Content creators upload their work, and specify what's allowed and what isn't.

We generate checksums, and store color-information about the uploaded content.

Website owners check against our checksum/color databases, to see if there is a match.

If there is a match, the website owner is given information about how to comply with the owner's wishes for the content.